Photo: Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE

How Kyle Korver shoots his threes

Precision and mechanics are key for this sharp shooter

When one of the NBA’s best three-point shooters comes into a game, he’s generally given little to no time to warm up. The expectations are almost always big and so is the pressure: Kyle Korver’s coaches and teammates expect him to make some threes. The 38-year-old Korver, now in his second stint for the Utah Jazz, rarely disappoints.

Over his 16-year NBA career, Korver has led the league four times in three-point shooting percentage (most recently in 2016-17), and in 2010 he made NBA history, shooting 53.6 percent from three-point land, the best in a single season. The All-Star (2015) has also participated in the three-point shooting contest (three times), placing second and third.

With a mother, father, and three brothers who all played college basketball, it’s not a big surprise that the 6’7” Korver excelled at the game. “Basketball is the family sport,” says Korver. “It’s just what we do. I don’t want to say you didn’t have a choice, but really, you didn’t have a choice,” he says, smiling.

Drafted 51st in the 2003 NBA draft, Korver has excelled at three-point shooting since his high school days in Pella, Iowa, and he only got better during his four-year career at Creighton, where he holds the record in 3-pointers made (371) and 3-point accuracy (45.3). Now married and a father (of three, of course) Korver currently ranks second behind Steph Curry, who overtook him this season, among active players in three-pointers made, and is fourth all time in the NBA.

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